160 days and counting… Kick-start NOW to Make Merry in Q4!


LIFT Creative is bringing you 6 ways to make your holiday promotional spend count! Wait, wait…it’s only June! Why are we in the holiday spirit you may ask? Well, it’s because LIFT Creative knows there is no last minute shopping or overnight shipping when it comes to your Q4 commitments. So whether your goal is to drive volume, increase short-term revenues, make tactical competitive gains, or increase engagement, consider these 6 ways to make your consumers merry… because we want you to throw on some jolly holiday music and enjoy that peppermint hot chocolate this season.

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Attract and engage consumers with holiday and winter iconography.

Snowflake-shaped cookies are far tastier than round ones! But if you can’t change your product shape, get consumers’ attention by using the entire package as a canvas to create winter/holiday themed packaging and displays.


Transform the retail scene into a festive celebration.

It’s all about the journey! Using POS such as scrumptious recipe cards, signs, banners and lively displays allows the retail scene to become a festive celebration, influencing impulse purchases.


Create enduring visuals that will last beyond the holidays.

Snowflakes soar past the holidays! Engaging retail-specific promotional experiences that last well into the winter season drive execution excellence at the point of purchase in addition to helping with inventory control.

6974 SW_FGPromo_MeatCase

Create aspirational and consumer relevant promotions in-store and on-line.

There is always a desire for the much needed end of the year bonus! All consumers appreciate a chance to make their season merrier with prizes and promotions.


Introduce a creative and fun character  or storyline.

Frosty isn’t the only holiday miracle story! Cultivating a whimsical, humorous, or holiday-themed character/storyline throughout your packaging, displays, and on-line activities creates excitement and promotes return customers.


Embody the spirit of the season, not just one particular holiday.

Creating products, packaging, POS and full campaigns that appeal to people’s emotions and shared values increases the ability to be relevant to all shoppers.


Push aside the heat of summer…. and START EARLY with your marketing plan to bring holiday cheer and make your packaging, POS and promotions relevant to consumers already inclined to buy!

Click here to discuss your Q4 Wish List with the LIFT elves.

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