Creating Effective In-Store Displays with Color

Oops, I didn’t mean to put the 500 calorie cookie package in my basket but the display made me do it! In-store displays create trial, repeat purchase and drive impulse purchases. Consider using color as an integral tool in telling your story to create effective in-store package displays. Bright colors like yellow and red grab attention. Use them as accents; as an over-abundance of these two colors can be irritating. Set accent colors among a consistent presentation of your brand colors to create brand recognition and reinforce consumers’ association of those colors with your brand. Most of all, use display color to allow your product to POP. While an exciting backdrop of color attracts attention, the sale of the product is our ultimate goal. Some research shows that displays can increase impulse purchases even over price reductions. So, make sure the color palette of your design is used appropriately to create effective in-store displays.