Five Ideas for Successful Product Innovation Presentations

Communicating innovative product ideas for food and beverage can be difficult. Words alone are often unable to properly relay ideas. Yet adding visuals without proper planning may complicate and contribute to confusion. Here are five ideas for designing, planning and delivering successful product innovation presentations. 1) Develop a common template for each product idea. Include the product name, the target consumer, top level research to support the trend or need and a product or package rendering. Use large presentation boards or Powerpoint to present each idea, using the template each time. 2) Assign a time limit to each product and prepare a transition from one to the other. 3) Use physical prototypes or package renderings to convey the idea. 4) When possible, offer product samples and tastings to involve all of your audiences’ senses. 5) Show your products within a retail setting through case or shelf renderings.
Your team has worked long and hard on the ideas; planning ahead and taking the time to verbally and visually convey them will contribute to their credibility as well as allow viewers to easily understand the ideas.