Maintaining Relevance in the Design Business

In the struggle to launch our corporate website, we reviewed a plethora of great work done over the years. While this review gave countless opportunities for applause, it also fostered a little worry looking toward the future. For doing great work once does not necessarily ensure that that same work continues to be relevant.  With so much change, the advent of social media, digital advertising, blogs, posts and feeds, is it still relevant to love design, appreciate the influence it has in our life and in the world? And can we continue to run a profitable business based upon the premise that both design and creativity pave the way for successful branding and marketing?

After a great deal of thought (and a modicum of whining), I think it has to be a resounding “yes”. As long as we continue to genuinely enjoy helping our clients solve problems and as long those efforts are grounded in strong strategy and good design, our business remains relevant.

So, we eagerly press on, we continue to be a bit restless and curious. Our business evolves and changes.  But, we will remain committed to extracting the best of the brand and communicating it in a manner that creates synergy among the form, visuals, messaging and product inside the package. For as long as we believe that packaging is the foundation for a brand’s connection with its consumer, and we recognize that brands are living things with the need to grow and evolve over time, we, and our business will remain relevant.