Top 10 Reasons To Run an On-pack and/or Display Driven Sweepstakes


If you are looking for creative ways to maximize your promotional ROI, on-pack and/or display driven sweepstakes are more powerful than ever! This promotional tactic not only gives your brand immediate sales lift, but also provides defined ROI data to illustrate success. Here are 10 Reasons Why You Should Run an On-pack and/or Display Driven Sweepstakes:

  1. Sales lift. Successful sweepstakes bring new customers and/or increase purchase frequency of exiting consumers.
  2. Immediate lift during slow periods. Web based promotions can often be launched in weeks, for immediate impact.
  3. Generate incremental sales.  Some research suggests over 50% of in-store purchases are impulse purchases.
  4. Encourage trial with new consumers. An on-pack promo is a key influencer for consumer purchase.
  5. Invigorate promotional support of the brand by retailers. Retailers are open to promotional programs, knowing that consumers are likely to purchase products with corresponding offers.
  6. Increase consumer awareness. Integrate social media with directions to the entry URL and create word-of-mouth excitement.
  7. Build brand image. Unique creative and relevant prizes contribute to a dynamic brand image.
  8. Maintain engagement with core consumers. Exciting offers and prizes encourage people to talk about a brand with family and friends.
  9. Differentiate your brand from competitors. If comparing two similar items at the shelf, consumers are more likely choose the item if they feel there is a chance to win something.
  10. Build your consumer list. Add opt-in offers upon entry for newsletters, offers and other brand communications.

Contact Lift Creative to talk more about about on-pack or display sweepstakes. We would love to brainstorm creative ways to maximize your promotional ROI!

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